What Service Do You Require Today?

Before services are rendered, potential client must schedule a Zoom meeting with the Visual Dynasty Productions, LLC team. During this meeting, we will go over potential client’s expectations and what all is required to perform services. Depending on the potential client’s budget, we will provide an estimated fee for services rendered and required deposit to lock in date.

Depending on service, turnaround date can vary. Please allow our team after date of service 3 – 5 business days to provide an estimate turnaround of the project. During consultation of turn around, potential client may relay expectations of edit and if project is needed sooner. Expedited turn around could require an additional fee. Added expectation could extend turn around as well, this will be relayed to potential client. If discussed turnaround is not meet, potential client can request a 25% refund for service, max 50%. Potential client is obligated 1–2 revisions after initial draft is presented to them

Date of service is only blocked off our calendar once down payment is made

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